Volunteering FAQ

Where you do sign-up?

We manage all of our volunteers online at SignUp.com.

What is the volunteer requirement for Swim Meets?

Every family is required to work a shift at every home meet their swimmer attends.  You don’t have to work two shifts unless you want to. There will be meets where we don’t have enough families to fill the required jobs and may request families to work a double shift.

If you have special circumstances, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  There is a lot we can do to accommodate folks.  You can be assured that your situation will be kept in confidence.

What is Floater?

In the past, we’ve been lucky to have every family sign-up and still have a couple of families without a job.  Once the meet is full, the remaining families are assigned to a floater job.  Those families get assigned jobs the morning of the meet to provide additional help as needed.  There will be meets where we don’t have enough families to fill the required jobs and then we won’t have floaters. Can you wait to sign-up to see if you get placed as a floater? Sure, but you’ll also get assigned wherever and whenever. If you want to control when and where you work at a meet, then you should sign up early.  Floating doesn’t mean that you don’t work.  Floaters need to check-in by 8:00am the morning of the meet.

Snack Bar Volunteers

Snack bar opens when everyone starts arriving in the morning.  If you sign-up for 1st shift snack bar, you are required to report at 7:15am.  The 2nd shift begins before the standard shift change at 10:30am.  2nd shift snack bar volunteers are required to stay to help pack up the snack bar and clean-up that area.   Snack bar is our most shaded area – so if you need shade, then sign up here!

Our Snack Shack is under new leadership this year, so volunteer requirements may be changing.  Please be patient and flexible as we work out the new volunteer roles to support our new management.

What’s Clerk of the Course?

Clerk of the Course is where all swimmers go to line up in their heat and lane assignments.  It requires no training other than using your outside voice.

To make it fair, Families get pre-assigned to COTC.  Usually this means that you work COTC every other year.  Families who are on the hook for COTC for the dual meets will be contacted by me and pre-assigned for the entire season.  Clerk for Champs will be assigned once we get our volunteer assignments from the Champs Volunteer Coordinator.

If you are in a Key Role (Computers, Stroke & Turn, Announcer, Starter, Snack Bar Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, and Meet Director), then you are exempt from Clerk because of that contribution.

Champs Assignments
We start assigning Champs volunteers in early July.  Champs is a giant meet and requires everyone to work.  I get a list of our volunteer requirements from the Champs Volunteer Coordinator and then work to fill our team’s assignments.