Oaktree Visiting Team Info

Address: 6101 Castello Drive, San Jose, 95120

No unloading or parking at red painted corners. Please be considerate of the surrounding neighbors and do not block any driveways.


  • Swimmer Check-In: 7:15-7:45am
  • Stroke/Turn meeting: 8:00am
  • Warm-ups: 7:55-8:20am
  • First shift reports to position: 8:20am
  • National Anthem: 8:25am
  • Meet Starts: 8:30am

Visiting Team Volunteer Requirements Per Shift

1st shift: Medley Relay through IM.  2nd Shift: Breaststroke to end of Free Relay.

  • 6 timers (one per lane)
  • 6 recorders (one per lane)
  • 1 runner (report to computer table)
  • 1 time sorter (report to computer table)
  • 1 clerk (report to red EZ-Up tent)
  • 2 Ribbon Table (green picnic table)
  • 2 Stroke and Turn judges (report to meeting @ 8am)
  • 1 Computer Scorer
  • 1 Meet Director
  • Each team provides own Swimmer & Volunteer Check-Ins

General Information

  • Oaktree has 6 lanes.
  • Home team will provide all stopwatches and clipboards for your timers/recorders.
  • Bring clipboards and DQ slips for Stroke and Turn Judges.
  • Visiting team has the back grass area – space is limited so encourage families to share tents. No EZ-ups are allowed on the pool deck. Bring tarps in case grass is wet. Oaktree provides a shaded spectator seating area along bathroom side of pool. Visiting team coaches will have 1 table and chairs at shallow end of Lane 6.
  • Each team will have one picnic table for check-in. Ribbon table will be set up on picnic table after check in. Oaktree will provide 2 copies of swimmer check-in sheets and 1 scratch sheet.
  • A white board at clerk area will indicate event numbers that should report to clerk of the course.
  • No one is allowed in baby pool during meet.
  • A full menu snack bar is available with breakfast, lunch, and snack items.