Belwood (BEL)

Belwood – 100 Belwood Gateway Los Gatos “DOLPHINS”

  • Take Blossom Hill Rd. going towards Los Gatos. Go Past Camden Ave., past Harwood, turn left on Belwood Gateway. Pool on left.
  • Park in small parking lot or on street. Large grass area with trees and cement areas. Plenty of room for canopies. There are some chairs for spectators along side of pool and picnic tables under trees for lunch.
  • Snack bar has wide assortment of breakfast and lunch items.
  • Pool has 6 lanes. Team has 130-150 swimmers.



  • Arrive no earlier than 6:30am
  • Belwood warm-up: 7:20 to 7:40am
  • Visiting team warm-up: 7:40 to 8:00am
  • First shift volunteers report to stations: 8:00am
  • Meet Start: 8:15am

Meet Staffing

  • Visiting team provides the following volunteers per shift:
  • 6 timers (lanes 1 through 6)
  • 6 recorders (lanes 1 through 6)
  • 1 runner
  • 1 desk (circles the median time)
  • 1 clerk of the course
  • 2 ribbons
  • 2 stroke and turn judges
  • The visiting team provides their own meet director(s).
  • The visiting team provides for their own swimmer and volunteer check-in.

General Information

  • Belwood will provide clipboards and stopwatches for your timers and recorders.
  • Please bring clipboards and DQ slips for your stroke and turn judges.
  • You may use the picnic tables in the BBQ area closest to the parking lot for check-in.
  • Tarps or tents (with floors) are NOT allowed. EZ-Ups are OK.
  • No one is allowed in kiddie pool.
  • The bocce ball area is closed and will be marked and fenced off. No one is allowed in this area.
  • No playing/loitering in bathrooms.
  • Please pick-up your trash after the meet.
  • Belwood food booth will be open with breakfast, lunch and snack items.
  • No pets allowed at the Belwood facility.