Swim Meets

What To Bring To Swim Meets?

  • Team suit, goggles, cap, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and sweatpants.
  • At least two towels per swimmer, Waterproof Sunscreen, Water/Gatorade, andMoney.
  • Small Games/cards to pass the time. Nothing Valuable.
  • Something to sit on (small chair, sleeping bag, blanket). Small tents/canopies are ok.
  • Label Everything! All the towels, sweats, and goggles look the same.
  • Parents should wear comfortable clothing and shoes that can get wet, hat, and sunglasses.

Time Trials Meet

  • Time Trials is a practice meet to find the “seed” times for each swimmer in each swim event. The “seed” time is used as the meet entry time to determine heat and lane assignments at meets.
  • Time Trials is also for parents to learn and practice the various meet jobs.
  • If a swimmer cannot attend Time Trials, parents will need to sign swimmer up for the make up day and volunteer to help. Coaches cannot time swimmers at practices.
  • If swimmers do not have seed times, they are entered in first meet with a NT (no time) and cannot earn improvement time points for team. As swimmers improve their times, their fastest time becomes their “seed” time for meets.

Dual Meets

  • Parents must inform the swim team if swimmers will be missing a meet, arriving late or leaving early; please indicate in the “Missing Meet Binder” in the team box. The coaches must know by Tuesday which swimmers are missing a meet in order to do the entries for the individual and relay events. If swimmers get sick the night before or morning of the meet, please call someone on team to notify us at check in.
  • Swimmers under the age of 12 must be under parent/adult supervision at all times at swim meets. Older swimmers cannot baby-sit their younger siblings at meets.
  • Swimmers are not required to use racing blocks.
  • Coaches will post the events in which swimmers are entered on Friday before ameet.
  • Swim Meets start at 8:00/8:30/9:00 AM and end ~12:30 PM depending on host pool. Coaches will announce check-in and warm-up times at practices.
  • Swimmers should arrive for check-in and write event numbers on their hand. Swimmers that do not check-in on time will be scratched from meet.
  • Parents should check-in with volunteer coordinator prior to start of meet. First shift should report to their job 15 minutes before start of meet. Second shift starts after the IM.
  • Wading pools are off limits during all swim meets.
  • Oaktree will have a team area at meets. Parents and older siblings should help younger swimmers report to the clerk of the course on time.
  • Teams will post or announce which event numbers should be reporting to clerk. Swimmers that do not report to clerk on time will be scratched from event.
  • Please pick up the trash in the team area before leaving meet.
  • Swimmers can swim a maximum of three individual events and one relay event.
  • There are exceptions in some age groups that allow swimmers to swim two relays. (see VCSL Bylaws)
  • Parents/swimmers cannot confront judges to contest a DQ. Swimmers must see their coach and he/she will decide whether to ask meet directors for a decision. Decisions will only be overturned if both meet directors agree.
  • Results are posted at meets.
  • Swimmers/Parents should not approach computer desk during meets to ask questions. If a parent/swimmer finds a mistake on results, the parent/swimmer should report it to coach or meet director to have results checked.
  • Ribbons are given out for 1st thru 10th place and participant or improved time.
  • Individual events Place Points: 1st Place 6 pts, 2nd Place 4 pts, 3rd Place 3 pts, 4th Place 2 pts, and 5th Place 1pt.
  • Relay Event Place Points: 1st Place 12 pts and 2nd Place 8 pts. (“A” relay teams only)
  • The total percentage of place points and improved time points are added together to determine the dual meet winner.

Team Directions & Tips

Almaden Golf Country Club (AGCC/ACC) – 6663 Hampton Dr. San Jose “GATORS”

  • Take Meridian south to Camden, turn left on Camden, right on Trinidad Dr. and then right on Crown Blvd or take Almaden Expressway south, past Camden, turn right onCrown Blvd. The pool is at the end of Crown Blvd at Hampton Dr. (Not Almaden Swim and Racquet).
  • Do not park in Country Club parking lot. Park on the street. There are two entrances to pool, one by the parking lot and one at the back of the building near side street.
  • There is a deck area and a small grass area for seating. No shade and limited number of lounge chairs that are taken by swimmers. Parents need to bring their own chairs and shade.
  • Limited snack bar run by county club (not team).
  • Pool has 5 lanes. Team has 125-150 swimmers.

Belwood 100 Belwood Gateway Los Gatos “DOLPHINS”

  • Take Blossom Hill Rd. going towards Los Gatos. Go Past Camden Ave., past Harwood, turn left on Belwood Gateway. Pool on left.
  • Park in small parking lot or on street. Large grass area with trees and cement areas. Plenty of room for canopies. There are some chairs for spectators along side of pool and picnic tables under trees for lunch.
  • Snack bar has wide assortment of breakfast and lunch items.
  • Pool has 6 lanes. Team has 130-150 swimmers.

Los Paseos (LPAC) – 7047 Via Ramada San Jose “PENGUINS”

  • Take highway 85 south, exit at Bernal Ave. Turn right on Bernal Ave. Turn left on ViaDel Oro and then right on Via Ramada and pool is on right side.
  • Park in the small parking lot, on street or in church parking lot. Large grass area andsome shade. Plenty of room for canopies.
  • Snack Bar has assortment of breakfast and lunch items. Famous for breakfastburritos and tri-tip sandwiches.
  • Pool has 5 lanes. Team has 135-150 swimmers.

Montevideo (MTVD) – Corner of Camden Ave. and Coleman Rd. “PIRANHAS”

  • Cannot host a meet at their pool because of irregular shaped pool.
  • Every other year this team hosts meet at our pool or will rent a pool. Team has 150 swimmers.

Silver Creek (SVCC) – Valley CC Country Club Parkway San Jose “SHARKS”

  • Take Blossom Hill Rd east (or take 85 south to Cottle Exit, turn left on Cottle andthen left to entrance to Blossom Hill Rd east.) Go over highway 101 and up hill on Silver Creek Valley Rd. Go past Silver Creek main entrance and down the hill. Turn right on Farnsworth Dr. Go past the other entrance to Silver Creek to the Silver Creek Elementary school. Park in the school parking lot and walk back to small gate to pool entrance.
  • Limited deck area and terraced grass area. No shade. Limited number of chairs and tables.
  • Snack bar has assortment of breakfast and lunch items run by country club (not team).
  • Pool has 8 lanes. Team has 130-140 swimmers.