Valley Cabana Swim League Championships

The Championship Swim Meet is held at Morgan Hill Aquatics Center.  This is a very fun and exciting day for our swimmers.  They will swim against all of the teams in the league. We have about 700 swimmers coming to the meet.  Here is some very valuable information for the day that you might want to print:

Where?  Morgan Hill Aquatics Center (MHAC), 16200 Condit Rd., Morgan Hill, 95037.

Directions from Oaktree:  (22 min drive)

Take Hwy 85 South turns into 101 South

Exit on E. Dunne and turn Left onto E. Dunne

Take the 1st Right onto Condit Rd. (second stop light)

Go about 0.7 miles, MHAC will be on your Left

What Time? Swimmer check-in is at 6:30AM in our team area.  You MUST be checked in by no later than 7:15AM, PLEASE!  You risk being scratched from Champs if you are later than that.  In case you have an emergency call Amy.  You can find her information on Team Snap.

Where do we sit?  Each year we are given a designated team area. In past years it has been at the far end of the windscreen as you walk in (next to the t-shirt vendor) and also a part of the grass area in the back just across the walkway from the t-shirt vendor.  We have enough room for everyone, but not enough room for every single family to bring an ez-up.  Please share your ez-up with your teammates.  Set them up as close together as possible! You may not set up in the team area on Friday night (only league reps and Set-Up crew can – you know who you are).  The facility will open the gates at 6:15AM on Saturday morning.  Again, we have room for everyone so no need to rush.

Parking:  There are several different areas in which to park.  The parking spots right in front of the Main Entrance are reserved spots, so if you see an orange cone or are told not to park in a certain spot, you may not park there.

We have the parking under the solar panels on the side of the pool.

You are all welcome to drop off your swimmer and gear by the main entrance and then move on to an open parking area.  We will have parking Marshals directing traffic.  The attached map shows the different parking areas.  There are also many street parking spots along Condit on one side.   We encourage each family to bring only one car or carpool.  Do NOT park in any lots across the street or you will be towed.

Volunteer Info:  The Championship Meet begins at 8:30AM.  Volunteer Check-in begins at 7:00AM and all volunteers (no matter which shift you are working) must be checked in by 7:30AM.  The check-in for parent volunteers will be at the same place as swimmer check-in (team area).  You will check in with our volunteer coordinator, Robyn Roark.  You will be given an Oaktree name tag with your shift assignment on it, please wear it.  This is the extent of volunteer check-in at Champs.  We will know that you are at the meet and ready to work once you have taken your name tag.  Please pay attention to when there is a shift change and be at least 5 min. EARLY reporting to your shift.  Don’t leave your job until someone comes to replace.  If no one replaces you have someone find Robyn so that she can help get coverage.

We have had problems in the past with timers NOT paying attention.  It is very important for the swimmers to have accurate times, so please PAY ATTENTION!  Remember, even a hundredth of a second improvement gives the swimmer the opportunity to help his team earn points.

Very Important!  If you were assigned as a CLERK OF THE COURSE or CLERK MARSHALL, then you must attend a MANDATORY meeting (for all shifts).  This meeting will take place at the “Clerk of the Course” area at 7:45AM.  The STROKE AND TURN JUDGE meeting will start at 7:45AM (see attached map for your meeting spot).  There will be NO MARSHALL meeting this year – if you are working as a MARSHALL or PARKING MARSHALL you already received specific info from me.  If you are a TIMER or RECORDER, your “meeting/instructions” will be given behind the blocks prior to the start of your shift.  Please check the attached volunteer assignment document to see what position you are working (in case you forgot)…

Warm-Ups:  Oaktree’s warm-ups start at 7:00-7:30AM.  We have lanes 1-5 in the competition pool. NO DIVING without coach supervision!  After the meet begins, the warm-down pool will be at the far end of the pool with 2 ‘buffer lanes’ between the competition lanes and warm-down pool (absolutely no swimming in the buffer lanes).  This warm-down pool is not a pool to play in, we will have lifeguards and marshals enforcing this rule – please listen to them – they are there to keep you safe.

*****SPECIAL NOTE FOR 6 & Under swimmers and some 7/8 swimmers*****

Please talk with a coach about warm-ups at champs.  You are ONLY to warm-up with coach permission as it will be very crowded in the pool.  The pool is deep and there will be a lot of swimmers in the lanes, we don’t want any swimmers to be hurt or frightened.  

MHAC opens to the public at 11:30am.  The public will not be using our competition area of the facility, but will be in the adjoining ‘water park’.  SWIMMERS in Champs, their siblings, friends, etc., are under no circumstances allowed to use or be near the ‘water park’ or the 25 yard pool on that side of the windscreen.  You will have to pass this area to go to the snack bar and restrooms, which will be fine.  We will have marshals patrolling to make sure everyone follows the MHAC rule.

Clerk-of-the-Course:  The ‘bench area’ (gathering before event) can be crowded and sometimes chaotic.  We ask that only coaches, clerk of the course volunteers and swimmers be in this area.  No siblings, friends, or fans of swimmers will be allowed in the bench area.  Drop your swimmers off there and go watch them race! The one exception to this is the relays for the 6 & Under, 7/8, as well as 9/10, if you are assigned as a relay escort you may enter this area during relays.  Note: 13/UP swimmers do not have to go to clerk of the course before their races. They can go directly to the blocks – there will be three Marshall-monitored entrances to the blocks, they will not let you in if you show up way too early.  If you still would rather go to clerk of the course, you may, the volunteers there will help you get to your race on time. If you go directly to the blocks, be on time, the starter will not wait for you and you could miss your race.

Again this year, the meet is pre-seeded so if you buy a program ($6 in exact change) you will know exactly which heat and lane your swimmer will be in.  Heat and lane assignments will also be posted in several places throughout the facility, so on Saturday, it is a good idea to write down which heat and lane your swimmer(s) will be in.

Very Important!  Please don’t send swimmers to the Clerk of the Course too early.  Due to crowding, arriving too early can make things just as difficult as coming last minute.  We will have an event board near the entrance to the clerk area that will note the event # that needs to report to the clerk area.  Please only go to the clerk area when your event # is on the board or being announced.  Make sure that towels, sandals, outer wear go with the swimmer to the blocks, they may not be left at the Clerk area because we don’t want the added traffic of swimmers returning to pick up left-behind items.

Whistle Procedure: At Champs we will have a Referee & Starter running the meet.  They will be using whistles to guide the swimmers on what to do when at the blocks.  In short, they will blow a series of short whistles to let the swimmers know to get ready and step up behind the block.  Then they will blow one long whistle, which lets the swimmers know to step up on the block.

What to bring:  EZ ups, especially to share.  It is always windy in Morgan Hill in the afternoons, so you must bring buckets and bungee cords to secure your shelter.  Bring the normal chairs, blankets, towels, hats, sun-screen, and games for the kids.  No plastic tarps or tents with bottoms on the grass area. Remember to label all your stuff.  The meet begins at 8:30AM and will probably end with announcements and awards at around 4:00PM.  It is a long day so come prepared.  We recommend that you make arrangements for younger siblings to stay at home.  We expect all families to stay to the end to support our team, and to help with clean-up of our team area.  If you are scheduled to ‘officially’ clean-up, you will have to stay later and clean up the pool deck area.

The next information is mostly geared towards our older swimmers:  If you are not planning on wearing our team suit, then remember that our League follows the USA Swimming guidelines for swim suits.  At Champs you may not wear suits with rubber materials, or suits with zippers.  Talk to Bob Armbruster before your race if you are not sure if your suit is legal.  You will be DQ’d if you are wearing an illegal suit.  Wear your team caps only (plain colored or ‘shark spirited’ caps are ok), no high-school logos or year-round swim team logos are allowed on caps OR suits.  You may not wear sport tape unless you have a doctor’s note explaining the need for it.

We will have Oaktree caps for sale $10.00 each at the meet. Amy will have them in her tent by Check- in.

Programs:  Programs which show all of the swimmers’ heats and lanes (pre-seeded), program ads, Thank You’s, and other interesting information are available for $6.00.  Please bring exact change or small bills and preferably $1’s. With $20’s we tend to run out of change. Sales will take place by the Main Entrance.

Food: You can order food the week before champs at the pool by filling out the order form and paying on Venmo or with check.

Your meal tickets will be handed out by Amy Sechrist during volunteer check-in.  You will take your tickets to either the Mr. Pickles (by main entrance) or to the designated pre-order line by the snack bar (by the BBQ’s) to receive your pre-ordered meals.  The snack bar will not serve food outside of the tickets In addition, we have a “Smoothie Truck” coming with their yummy smoothies and specialty coffees.  The truck will be parked in the front parking lot.  Don’t forget to visit the t-shirt vendor to buy the Commemorative Champs gear.

Watching the Races:  Spectator area is all around the pool deck except for where the coaches’ are sitting (only swimmers are allowed by the coaches before and after their races) and behind the blocks.

Last Minute Thoughts:  Please remember that parent volunteers such as YOU run the team and the Valley Cabana Swim League.  We have all worked hard to make this day positive and fun for our children.  Some of us have been working on the Champs Meet since January.  Please keep this in mind if there is any hardship for you or your children during the day and seek direction with understanding and kindness.  It is our goal to be helpful.  Please emphasize sportsmanship to your children.  Treat defeat and victory with the same high dignity.  Enjoy this day with your family and teammates.


Top ten (10) placements in each event scores points at Champs, however the way to win Champs will be by improving your times, every swimmer who improves a time scores points for the team!