The Oaktree Sharks swim team was started in the 1980’s by a few homeowner parents who wanted a summer program. Initially, there were only 3 teams, Oaktree Park, Almaden Swim and Racquet Club, and Belwood Swim Club. The idea had such appeal that the Valley Cabana Swim League (VCSL) was born, which now includes Oaktree Sharks Swim Club, Almaden Country Club, Belwood Swim Club, Montevideo Piranhas Swim Club, Los Paseos Aquatic Club, and Silver Creek Swim Club.

Our goal is to encourage swimmers ages 4-18 years to do their personal best in a non-competitive and developmental summer swim league. All levels of swimmers are welcome to join and can contribute to the team. The swim team membership consists of Oaktree Park homeowner families and guests.

Swim team membership consists of Oaktree Park homeowner children and guest children ages 4-18 as of June 1. When the Oaktree Park community does not furnish sufficient swim team members, the Swim Team Board will accept membership applications from guest families. Returning swimmers and new siblings have membership priority over new guest applications. All new swimmers must try out for swim team. Guest Membership does not include membership in the Oaktree Park Cabana and access to pool is limited to swim team practices, meets, lessons, and social events. Swim team membership starts the first day of practice and ends at awards night. This year we are offering memberships to guest families. Find information here.

Membership fees include one business card size ad in championship program, individual picture, team picture, ribbons, and participant trophy. No fundraising is required. Larger size program ads can be purchased.

Team Rules: Oaktree Park Swim Team Handbook

  • Swimmers and parents must sign the Valley Cabana Swim League Code of Conduct.
  • Swimmers must have a completed emergency release form at pool before practice starts.
  • Swimmers not following rules may receive “time outs” or sent home. If the problem persists, the parents will be contacted. For further offenses, the swimmer is removed from the team.
  • No playing in bathrooms, showers, or locker rooms during practices and meets.
  • Swimmers (or siblings) are not allowed to sit on a coach’s lap, hang on them ordistract them during practices and meets. All of the coach’s attention must be focused on the swimmers in water.
  • Coaches decide if swim caps are required for boys and girls.
  • Refunds of fees only issued during first 2 weeks of practice. Partial refunds only issued after the first two weeks for medical reasons.
  • Parents are responsible for the transportation and behavior of their children at all practices, meets, and social events.
  • Pay phone is for emergency use or with coach’s permission to call parents.
  • Swimmers caught making 911 calls when there is no emergency will be removed from team.
  • Families are required to abide by the team handbook, bylaws, and league rules.

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