Congratulations on an Amazing Champs win today!

Congratulations Oaktree Swimmers on the Champs win today!  You all swam your best and worked so hard to get us to this win.  

Thank you to our amazing coaching staff of Adam, John, Riya, and Andrea.  You were incredible all season working with the kids to get them here today.

Thank you to our Jr. Coaches Nathan, Andrew, Nina, Cody, Chris, Connor, Melanie, and Audrey for being in the water with our littlest swimmers all summer to help them get on those very high blocks today and show everyone what Oaktree Sharks are made of.

We showed great spirit today and our board could not be more proud of our entire Oaktree Family.

We look forward to celebrating with all of you tomorrow night from 5 to 9 at our Awards Party.  There will be swimming from 5 to 6 and then the Awards ceremony will begin.  Once the ceremony begins there is no more swimming for the night.  Please bring your own dinner and the team will provide dessert following the awards.

Bring a chair or a blanket to watch the ceremony on the grass.  If you have a taller chair please sit towards the back so people on the ground can see.

If you can’t make it tomorrow night please just let us know so that we can set your trophy and ribbons in the pool office.

If you took pictures today please upload them into the following file tonight for Paul Brady.  After tonight it will be too late.

See you at the pool.

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