Important notice about tomorrow

Hello Oaktree Families – Two important notices –

So far we only have 15 families who have sent in $ for the coach gifts and only 8 families who have returned note tags.  The deadline to contribute is this Wednesday 7/19.  Please send in your $ and notes so the ladies organizing the gifts have time to pull everything together before the awards night.  Our coaches spend their summer supporting our team, so let’s show them our appreciation for what they do.

Tomorrow Is Tie Dye!


Those of you who purchased t-shirts, your shirts will be at the pool waiting for you tomorrow after practice.  Last names will be written on the inside of the collar.  If you purchased multiple shirts for your family, be sure your child knows which SIZE belongs to him/her, as there are no first names written on the shirts.

If you are bringing your own t-shirt, remember that 100% cotton works best but a blend will work too.  Your shirt will need to be soaked in a special “solution” for 15 minutes before you begin the tie-dye.  So, please be sure to bring us your shirt before your practice begins.  You must write your name on the inside collar or tag with a PERMANENT BLACK SHARPIE.  Anything else will run and permanently stain not only your shirt but any other shirts in the bucket with it.  We will have Sharpies at the pool tomorrow, for you to use, if you do not own one.

Reminder, parents of 8 & under swimmers should definitely plan to be there to help their children.

            Sharks Logo on the back of shirts:  If you do not want the team logo on your shirt(s), please contact Kristi Carvajal or Michele Calhoun.  Also, FYI, the logo does not adhere well to tank tops that are the “ribbed” stretch material.

 NEWSPAPERS NEEDED:  We need lots of newspapers for Tie – Dye.  Please bring any that you have to the pool, tomorrow morning, for us to use.  We would appreciate it!

SHIRTS WILL BE READY FOR PICK-UP on Thursday night at the Pasta Feed, or Friday morning.



Thank you so much for volunteering. If you have any questions, please contact Michele  or Kristi.

 SET-UP AT 8:15

Kristi            Michele      Ann-Marie         Veronica     Melissa

Dana     Jude

 9a.m. SESSION 1

Kristi         Michele     Jackie   Ann-Marie   Tammy

Fiona         Melissa       Liz         Dana             Linda

10a.m. SESSION 2

 Tammy      Melissa             Amy       Linda             Jigna             Kristi       Michele

 11:00a.m.   SESSION 3 & begin clean-up

 Karen     Tammy   Kathy       Kristi     Michele

WASHERS – Please pick up your bag of shirts for washing at the pool at 11:30. If you cannot pick it up, let us know and we can drop it off with you.

 Kristi                  Michele              Madelyn          Tammy       Emma

 Kathy         Linda        Jennifer         Monique     Marlene

Perkins     Amanda

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